Scenario Based Learning Workshops

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Scenarios Available Include;

  • Resolving potential cross cultural issues
  • Prevention of harassment
  • Disability accessibility
  • Disaster preparedness

Custom Designed Scenarios a scenario!

Our team will work with you to design a custom scenario adapted to your needs.

About The Workshops

All workshops are four hours long. Additional hours may be added if desired for complex or multiple scenarios. Workshops occur at an agreed upon location, often at the workplace, to achieve the most realistic scenario and the best results. An alternate location can be used if the group size or scenario require it.

Workshops feature an introduction to the issue(s) to be resolved and to the scenario process, a minimum of two hours of scenario time and a  debriefing session.

A minimum of six participants is required, and registration fees are $250.00 per registrant.

Register by email at or by phone at 403-801-4851


Coaching and Mediation Services Available

James Spina, Certified Mediator, is pleased to offer online Coaching Packages and on site Mediation Services. Coaching Packages can be added to the Workshops to assist with ongoing communication, learning and team growth.